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A Brand Is A Voice

and a product is a souvenir

From Author to Media Company


Punch is a team of Ex-Google designers and engineers that specializes in helping digital publishers go from authors to brands by creating a digital ecosystem around their success. We're a result oriented team that has worked with publishers in author branding and web design .

We drive major increases in ROI – including time on page, daily active traffic, and content sharing. Our clients include: (Ashton Kutcher, Chicken Soup for the Soul), David Sanghera (a content strategist and growth marketer) and New York Times Bestselling Author, Marie Kondo.

Why Punch?

We are a full service design agency that focuses on building relationships by working closely with the clients. Our goal is to define, design and develop transformative user experiences across our definite platforms. Most importantly, we help you become more you by exploring your brand identity.

Why Punch

Punch Us!

What services Punch brings to the table?

  • Branding Of Authors
  • Author Website Development & Design
  • Publication Website Development & Design

Former Google employees verify the skill set and aptitude of our designers and branding experts.

Our ex-Google founding team of designers created assessment tests in UI/UX Design, web & app development, and graphic design – these tests are taken and passed with outstanding scores by every design and branding developer.