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What makes a good engineer?

Problem solving

At the heart of engineering is the ability to tackle problems and conceptualize, produce, and launch solutions. An engineer must figure out ways of solving problems that are simple, elegant, reversible, and adoptable.


Engineers take on the majority of work when building software and dive into the most mundane details of development. Without proper planning, projects — whether simple or complex — can quickly lose control and lead to budget and timing issues. A good engineer can plan sprints and code writing to meet project goals.


The surfeit of code that needs to be written in a project can easily add up to tens of thousands of lines. A disciplined engineer knows that drop by drop an ocean grows, and that consistent, disciplined work grows into a full project.


Engineers are often the oracles of a project: tasked with creating they often have unique insight into future problems and obstacles. The ability to look into future stumbles and create solutions today is often the mark that differentiates a mediocre engineer from one that builds long-lasting code: much like the difference between an heirloom and a throw-away item.


As the person at the front-lines, an Engineer works with many people involved in a project. Clients, project managers, QA-testers, designers, and users all look to engineers for assurance, authority, and answers. In the face of this barrage of needs and voices, the best engineers maintain calm and repose that can disarm the most aggressive problems.

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